Customize Your Own Full Sized Candy Wrapper

Customize Your Own Full Sized  Candy Wrapper
Item# BDRRC23
Wrapper:  Candy Type:  Foil Color:  Clear Protective Sleeve:  Date of Event: Personalization Front: Personalization Back: Matching 4 x 6 Invitations:  Matching 4 x 6 Thank You Cards:  Matching (Nonlaminated) Bookmarks:  Matching (Laminated) Bookmarks:  Matching Water Bottle Wrappers Only:  Additional Instructions:
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Tell Me More!

If you do not see a wrapper on the website that you like, do not worry about it, get upset or disappointed. Please, just contact me and let me know your vision. I will then digest your thoughts and make them a reality. If you still do not like the candy wrapper that is produced, do not worry, do not get upset or disappointed. We will study the candy wrapper design and begin the deconstruction process by reviewing the elements you like and/or dislike. After the cosmetic surgery, I'm sure we'll create something wonderful.

See, artwork is very personal. What I may like, may not necessarily be what you like, so I'm open to new and exciting view points of art.

I am VERY easy to work with and an avid believer that anything is possible, but first you must believe it in order to achieve it. And if it doesn't work...SO WHAT...get up, dust yourself off and try again! Believe it!